Monday, September 3, 2007

Whew, Labor Day Weekend Over

Well, my husband had the flu and so we were sort of housebound. Poor Mikey. Took those kids school shopping, though, and did some writing. Storyglossia picked up my story "Stories I heard when I went home for my grandmother's funeral." It will be out sometime in October. I'm so happy--I love that zine. Finished Rock Springs, which makes me sad. Mike's reading it now and we are talking about Montana, where we both lived our own lives for a long time and then met each other just before I moved to California. I'll make sure I remind everyone of the Sept. 20th reading once or twice before then, don't worry. It's great to see your posts. Keeping it short because although WCCUSD started a week ago, my kids' school starts tomorrow, so I gotta' go beddy early. Yuk--not a morning person. I've tried it, but I think biologically I am programmed to REM sleep around the hours of six to seven-thirty. If I had a nine to five, I'd be okay, but...or even a night job. Wah.

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