Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Mechanics of Falling by Kate Brady

Well, I just had to take a break from reading her book and it's pretty amazing. Such a good read--it hurts to read it. Makes me want to be a better writer. Buy it and read it. You'll love it. The Mechanics of Falling by Kate Brady. I think she goes by Catherine Brady on the book, though. I was thinking that the back of the book has it wrong, though. She doesn't need to be compared to any of the greats--she is one. I'm her biggest fan.

Sorry I missed out on Sean Beaudoin's book opening in San Francisco. His new book is called Fade to Blue. I've heard it's pretty good. That's next on the list. I love the cover.

Litquake's coming up in October. I'll be reading for Instant City--that cute little San Francisco magazine that I'm always promoting in my classes. I'm wondering what to read. Something serious or something irreverant and funny. Well, probably both b/c that's how I roll. A friend of mine--Kerry Norris is reading for Babylon Salon at the same time, shucks. I've never heard her read and want to.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

On readings and writing

Well, it's Sunday, September 13th at 12:45 and I am fussing with the "L" button on my computer that doesn't work. Reading poems by Raymond Carver from the book All of Us. If you are feeling lost and jaded and want to come down to earth--that's the place to go. I went to the literary reading series called Babylon Salon last night where Pam Uschuck read, along with Daniel Alarcon. Quite a diverse mixture of talent. I especially liked the work by alumni from USF--voices emerging from the darkness of the bar scene. It was nice to see familiar faces. Picked up Pam's book of poetry, which is up for a Pulitzer, and I read today in the paper that Daniel Alarcon's work is up for a big literary prize, too. I am sure, after thinking about it for a while, that these writers have been at it, working on their writing for many years and are deserving. It's easy to see the longing in myself and others when I go to these things. I get this feeling--time to put the time in at the chair and journal, by myself. Put the words down on paper.

If you're looking for a great website to read, check out Jane Anne Staw's new page on writing: And it's free! That's what's amazing. She'll get you writing.

Finished the O'Henry collection and am getting excited to read Kate Brady's collection The Mechanics of Falling. I want to go hear her read from it and am hoping she has a reading again soon.

September is the busiest month in terms of teaching, but teachers have voted to support a strike, so I may have more free time than I want in a couple of weeks. The district wants to take away benefits for our family members. Way to hit below the belt--no negotiation on pay, just no, we're taking that. Tension and anxiety. Class sizes are inflated beyond belief and because we don't have a contract yet, they are going to get away with not paying us for all the extra students in the classes. 69 students in a P.E. class. They might as well dress up in military uniforms and send them off to war.