Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Mechanics of Falling by Kate Brady

Well, I just had to take a break from reading her book and it's pretty amazing. Such a good read--it hurts to read it. Makes me want to be a better writer. Buy it and read it. You'll love it. The Mechanics of Falling by Kate Brady. I think she goes by Catherine Brady on the book, though. I was thinking that the back of the book has it wrong, though. She doesn't need to be compared to any of the greats--she is one. I'm her biggest fan.

Sorry I missed out on Sean Beaudoin's book opening in San Francisco. His new book is called Fade to Blue. I've heard it's pretty good. That's next on the list. I love the cover.

Litquake's coming up in October. I'll be reading for Instant City--that cute little San Francisco magazine that I'm always promoting in my classes. I'm wondering what to read. Something serious or something irreverant and funny. Well, probably both b/c that's how I roll. A friend of mine--Kerry Norris is reading for Babylon Salon at the same time, shucks. I've never heard her read and want to.


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