Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Okay, I went to a short two-night class at Foothills College on Photoshop. The instructor made it painless and fun--Janet Davis. You can see her artwork at She used to be a kindergarten teacher so she knew how to reach me. Personal writing has begun to nudge forward. I finished two rough drafts of two short stories--I'd been working on them, stuck, for six months. I went back to work with Jane Anne Staw, who is a wonderful writing teacher. See her blog at . She is also the autor of Unstuck, a great resource for those of us who get there and no longer want to be "there." The two stories I'm working on--"Kissing Game" and "For Keeps." As for writing practice, hard to do when you have a 13 year old and 21 year old interrupting you all the time. Del is talking to me about "heated yoga" at Yoga for the People on Shattuck and Baker in Berkeley. I want to go take hot yoga. I like being hot. Okay, truly, writing practice--gave up the shed/studio to my husband--cleaned out all my stuff. (Okay I lied, I kept the loft for meditation: ie. Buddha, Ghanesh, candles, Living Sober, and a small mediation bowl and striker.) I can't write out there. All I do is putter and clutter. I am writing at the huge dining room table--got up early to have privacy, which didn't work. Does it sound like I'm complaining? I think it's back to Starbucks in Rodeo. If you see me typing away, leave me alone. Well, say hi, but then walk away after three minutes. Friends know to do this because I've told them this. Looking for the next story. I want maybe one more for this collection titled--, I'm leaving that blank for now. I've seen too many of my titles show up elsewhere. Personal items: the cats are still here as are the dogs and the chickens. No new pets, thank God. I'm back.