Thursday, June 16, 2016

Writing Again

Well, I finally started writing again. I have been working on four or five short stories: all dealing with a woman over 50 who is dealing with dating and being single for the first time in her adult life. Sound like anyone you know? It's an interesting world, I'll have to say that. Once I started writing again, it was like a dam burst and everything came flooding out. That's a tired metaphor, but appropriate. So far, I have a story called "The Lost Belt" or "New Life 1000," "The Things People Say Are Always About Themselves," "Forgiveness Has a Backup Valve," and "The Right Questions," oh and "Once You Let the Camel's Head in the Tent". Hmmmm. I do want to thank Jane Anne Staw for helping me get Unstuck, and Andy Dugas for allowing me to join his groups. So, I have been out and about the Bay area attending lots of readings and doing a couple myself. Since I've been out of the loop, it seems like the readings scene here has really exploded. There are so many places to go hear people read their work and so many open mics. You could go to one almost every night. Beast Crawl is coming up...more on that later.