Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dog Whisperer

Having grown up a farm girl and knowing instinctively how to work with animals (domesticated and farm animals), I felt vindicated and happy to see how an older calmer dog keeps a younger more immature dog in line; teaches him to be calm. My older dog was always so patient and sweet and we felt he taught Casey the new puppy how to behave. Now that Roger, the older dog, has passed, Casey seems a little depressed and out of sorts, but I think she is also reacting to my vibe. I'd love to get her a middle aged dog that's good natured and loves cats, too. It seems like a tall order. I know some people don't agree with his methods, but realistically there are some pretty out-of-control animals that need a tighter reign than other animals. I haven't seen anything on the program that I really disagree with--as per his methods, but I've only watched it a couple of times.
What do you think?

Responding to comments

By the way, I really truly appreciate your comments you leave. I haven't yet figured out how to respond via blogging. So I'm just responding with my own comments. Anybody who can tell me what button to hit to respond to someone's individual comments? I'd greatly appreciate it.

New Classes

Starting in January, I'll be teaching a fiction writing class in Berkeley at the Writing Salon located in the Strawberry Business Park. You can find out more on this class and other great classes provided there in the city (SF) by logging onto The classes are reasonably priced and are great for getting the creative ideas brought to the forefront--just in time for the New Year--2008--writing resolutions. We'll be reading a diverse choice of authors and studying their short stories for a focused element of craft and then we'll be sharing our writing, critiquing with a fair and generous attitude, but remembering to look for purpose and intent.

I'll also be teaching a flash fiction writing class in Sebastapol at the art center. They have a really great affordable series where they invite writer/teachers of writing to come and speak about some element of craft they are familiar with. I'm honored and stoked to be asked to come teach something different that is near and dear to my heart. And I can't wait to attend some of the other seminars and learn from other people's creative endeavors.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Upcoming flash fiction publications

So aside from having been nominated for a Pushcart, which is still pretty cool, what's new? I have a short piece coming out in The Writer's Post Journal called "The Ring" and another piece of flash fiction coming out in The Vestal Review in January called "Quitting Smoking." I just read a (an old one, admittedly--2004) scathing article about flash fiction by the editor of Storysouth about how flash fiction is really just drivel being pumped out by mediocre MFA students. I'm thinking of the short story by Hemingway called "A Short Story" or work by Mary Robison. If the short story "Yours" isn't considered to be flash fiction--well. This editor does admit that some stories are gifted and need to be told that way, but I wondered why all the vitriolic attitude. There are mediocre full-length stories and mediocre full-length novels being published, too. It's its own art form. I think some stories just want to be told that way. I did agree with his opinions about Amy Hempl's piece and how it is an easy way to publication.'s not always easy to get flash published either. There are some great flash websites, magazines, and anthologies: Smokelong Quarterly, Quick Fiction, Sudden Fiction. Maybe his opinion has changed since 2004, though. storySouth / MFA disgust, flash fiction, short shorts, and micro fiction