Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's Been a While

I heard some exciting news from the editor of Storyglossia--he has nominated my short story "Stories I heard when I went home for my grandmother's funeral" for a Pushcart. What can I say? I'm super-happy and amazed. Just when you think you are dying on the vine. It was nice to hear good news. We had a bad week in the Genna household as our dog Roger, thirteen and a half years old passed away. He had severe arthritis and was in a lot of pain, so we are glad that he is not suffering any more. We are all very sad and there's a big empty space in our hallway, on our porch, in the middle of the dirt-pile on Saturday mornings, and in ours and all our pets' hearts (Casey, Elvis, and Kitty). Del and I have been going over to the YMCA at Hilltop and feeding the stray cats up there. There are two domesticated cats that seem to be brother and sister and they are two of the sweetest cats we've ever met. We are brainstorming a way to find a home for both of them. They seem to be about a year old, maybe a bit more. What can I say, you can take the girl off the farm, but you can't take the farmgirl out of her. We are all dog whisperers and cat whisperers from way back, which reminds me of how Roger always came to the gate and said hello with funky roo. We love you so much and miss you, Roger. Say hello to Taz for us. Wish you could read...messages to the universe