Saturday, September 1, 2007

What's coming up?

So, I have several stories coming down the pipe this fall and wanted to post those again for friends and family to find. Look for my short-short story, "Ration Coupons" on one of my favorite zines,, in Octoberish. It's a story about a divorced couple who go to a funeral of young man together. And also in October, I think, look for my short story "From Dirt to Vine to Grape to Glass" on R.KV.RY: A Literary Journal. You have to type in to get to it. This story is about a woman who ponders giving up five years of sobriety in an instant when someone hands her a glass of wine at a winery. (Probably shouldn't go to those all day events if you're not supposed to be drinking. Then again, October or Novemberish, I have a super-short piece of flash called "Dry and Yellow" coming out on Iowa Writes, a zine published by the University of Iowa. It's so short, I don't want to describe it, but there is a dream-box in it. And finally, some folks from San Francisco started a new magazine called Farallon Review, and my short story "A Good Swim" will be in that, hopefully by the end of 2007. The title of the story speaks for itself. I'm having a great summer/fall for publishing.

What else is new? Looking forward to my reading on September 20th. School's back in session and I'm loving my new group of students. They're smart and full of energy and it should be a great year. What I'm reading right now? Still on that book by Richard Ford, Rock Springs--still in love with it. In fact, I put it down during the last story because I couldn't bear for it to be over. I'll have to read his novel Independence Day. I know some of you old-schoolers are saying, yeah, yeah, yeah. Like I've often said, I've had gaps in my education. Also reading the textbook Writing Fiction by Janet Burroway.

As far as writing is concerned--just tweaking and revising. Finished a weird story called "Rat Stories." September is a slow month for me because of back to school, so I take it in stride.


Busy all the time. said...

I hope you'll send us a reminder about the reading because I would like to come...I've got a crazy new job, though, and I'm not sure what my schedule'll be.


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