Friday, September 14, 2007


Just a quick update--dropped by the USF reading series to hear Nona Caspers read from her short story collection Heavier than Air. Just some perfect lines in her story "Country Girls." The way (some) Midwesterners have cruel practicality around their emotions--it takes me back. Something in the universe is telling me something because I'm just on a country kick via my reading schedule. I don't know what. I'll have to read my Tarot cards. Or else just go back to Iowa to visit. I can't wait to dig into her collection. As for what's on second, any suggestions? As for the last sentence to my short story "Ration Coupons" on VerbSap--I do think there's forgiveness out there and inside, too. Whoa to those who carry vengeance. All right time to go.

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