Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Banner Year for On-line Publishing

So, I've had a few writer friends talk to me about whether on-line publishing is legit. Are those magazines "as good as" print magazines. And my answer is that--yes, most are. I have some of my favorites, of course, because (me, me, me) they've accepted my work, but I've also submitted to places that have really strong writing, strong writers published on them. And then there's publishing on-line for personal reasons. Maybe you have friends in the on-line community who have a website and they want to read your stuff. My advice to you--only send your best. You shouldn't be sending your work out unless it is your best. If there's something in your mind that says, well, this isn't quite that good, so I'll submit it on-line, well then, that piece needs work. But I do have to say I've had more success with short-shorts and flash on-line. I take edgy pieces that I adore and send them to on-line venues. I think that the market might be different on-line. When I'm reading on-line, I have less time so I go for shorter pieces. I have less patience if a story doesn't grab me right away. That's just my own personal attention-deficit disorder. I like interesting titles. Recent website that I visited, read, liked, and submitted to (or I'm intending to submit to) are Vestal Review, Storyglossia, Wheelhouse, Anderbo, The Adirondack Review, and Cutthroat's new on-line magazine. Check them out. There's more, but I'll stop now because I gotta go see a man about a mule.

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Busy all the time. said...

interesting. I always fall into the trap of thinking, well this piece is better so I won't submit it to online journals, and this piece is OK for that...tho, if course, I've only been published online.