Sunday, November 29, 2009

Need to be tech savvy

Dear non-followers,
Well, I'm trying to learn, but it aint easy. I'm slow on getting out a blogpost, mostly because I've been busy in the world of facebook and submitting work, and occasionally trying to do some writing. Reading work from the fiction classes I teach at the Writing Salon and now, it's that time of year. I get to read the short stories from my creative writing class at Hercules High School. They have that new kind of creativity. The kind you had when you were a kid. The best kind. Where everything is new. No blocks of any kind. The kind where you weren't afraid to imitate someone's style because you didn't always know that's what you were doing. I did that and still I loved writing. My brother stole my stories from the teacher's desk drawer ten years after I graduated. Wow, a blast from the past. "Today, It Will Happen" and now I see that line in a story and I crack up. Avoid that line if you can. Looking forward to X-mas mostly for the two weeks off afterward. Go see the movieThe Fantastic Mr. Fox.. It's great.


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