Thursday, January 3, 2008


1. Spend less time on-line ie. use time on-line to check e-mail, respond, go to favorite websites and read a story or poems.
2. Write in journal once a day.
3. Exercise once a day.
4. Sign kids up for classes--keep 'em busy. (Jacklyn: French and piano / Del: ?)
5. Take a vacation this summer with husband.
6. Go home to Iowa.
7. Go to other writers' readings in SF, Berkeley, Sebastapol.
8. Decide on a focus for my collection.
9. Find new writing spots.
10. Keep classroom focused -- have them do more creative writing, along with required stuff.

Time to go write this down in my journal--what's yours?


Glenn Ingersoll said...

So practical! So self-improvical! So goal-orientical!

But seriously, home to Iowa?

Jamey Genna said...

At some point this year--maybe, possibly. Mom got a blood clot in her lung. That sounds funny, but it's not.